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Planning Your Outfits For Your Engagement Session

Hello my friend! If you’re reading this post, I want to first congratulate you on your engagement. Planning and shooting engagement sessions are one of my favourite parts of the JJP Wedding Experience and I’m excited to dive into how we can make that experience the best it can possibly be. Today I want to strictly talk outfit planning.

There are so many options out there, but if you’ve hired ME to be your wedding photographer, then you were obviously drawn to my look and aesthetic. As much as my photography style is made up of how I shoot and edit, my style wouldn’t be what it is without the wardrobes I photograph. Light and airy, soft and romantic film is more than picking the right film stock and location. It’s the WARDROBE too!

PS. If you’re a JJP Client, you can expect to receive a full JJP Style Guide, that will give you absolutely everything you need to know prior to your engagement session.

Let’s get to it shall we?

First off, I recommend a maximum of 2 outfits for your engagement session to ensure that we have plenty of time to capture both looks before sunset! If two outfits seems overwhelming, one is just fine! I promise! Typically people will pick a more casual look, and a dressier look.

Here are some general tips I like to give my couples when planning their outfits for an engagement session:

– Lean toward neutrals such as blush, tans, link pinks, soft blues, creams, grays and whites. These colors will always result in more of a light and airy look to your images. These colors photograph softer and more romantically, giving you that JJP signature look 🙂

– If you’re really looking for a soft, feminine and elevated look, I recommend a flowing, maxi-length dress or skirt. The movement of this type of fabric photographs beautifully. 

– The goal is to COORDINATE instead of MATCHING.

– I recommend that you avoid patterns that are smaller than a dime! These small patterns can create strange visual effects in a digital camera.

– Close-toed shoes photograph well and I recommend avoiding graphic tees and running shoes.

Incase you didn’t know… I do have a client closet that my JJP couples have access to. You can see my collection of dresses on my instagram highlight reels, or if you’d prefer you can send me your dress size and I can forward you images of dresses I have that might work for you. This is totally optional, just something I like to offer clients if they don’t want to worry about shopping!

I’ve created a Pinterest board for you to browse as well. I hope it helps inspire you for your own session. Take these ideas and personalize them to you and what you feel best in!

I hope this was helpful!


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