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A Whimsical Mothers Day Event + 8 Creative Ways You Can Honor Your Mother

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so I just had to share about my bestie Kahla Kristen’s recent Motherhood Event. The event was a beautiful celebration of motherhood, and I couldn’t have been more excited to participate. The florals were done by the talented Therese Lopez, who I’ve had the pleasure of working with for many amazing weddings. Click here to see our most recent wedding together!

As a working mom, I understand the importance of documenting my children’s lives beautifully. That’s why I place such a high value on hiring fine art and other film photographers to capture our family’s special moments. Having all the images, artwork, and prints in my home looking cohesive is important to me. It brings a sense of calm and unity to our home, and it’s something I will always value and cherish.

Being a mom is one of the most rewarding but also challenging roles a woman can have. It’s important to take the time to celebrate and honor all the moms out there who are doing an amazing job raising children. Attending events like Kahla Kristen’s Motherhood Event was a great way to do just that.

Motherhood is a beautiful journey that should be celebrated and cherished. It’s important to take the time to connect with other moms and to document the special moments that make this journey so incredible. While Kahla Kristen‘s Motherhood Event has passed, there are still plenty of opportunities to celebrate the moms in your life!

In honor of Mothers Day, Here are eight fun and creative ways you can show your appreciation:

  1. Plan a special day out: Take your mom out for a special day of activities that she enjoys. It could be a day at the spa, a picnic in the park, or a day of shopping and lunch. The important thing is to spend quality time together and make her feel appreciated.
  2. Create a handmade gift: A handmade gift shows that you put time and effort into creating something special just for her. It could be a piece of jewelry, a scrapbook, or a piece of art. Whatever you create, make it personal and thoughtful.
  3. Write a heartfelt letter: Sometimes the simplest gesture can be the most meaningful. Write your mom a heartfelt letter expressing your appreciation and gratitude for all she has done for you. Be specific about the things you admire about her and the ways she has impacted your life.
  4. Cook a special meal: You don’t need to be a master chef! Cooking a special meal for your mom can be a great way to show your appreciation. Choose her favorite dishes or try something new, and don’t forget to set the table and create a lovely ambiance.
  5. Host a family gathering: Gather the family together for a special Mother’s Day celebration. It could be a brunch, a picnic, or a dinner party. The important thing is to make your mom feel loved and appreciated by the people she cares about most.
  6. Take her on a trip down memory lane: Spend some time looking through old photo albums and reminiscing about happy memories from the past. You could also visit places that hold special meaning for your mom, such as her childhood home or a favorite vacation spot.
  7. Give back in her honor: Make a donation to a charity or volunteer your time in honor of your mom. This is a meaningful way to show your appreciation while also helping others in need.
  8. Gift her a photoshoot: Whether it’s a mother daughter photo session or a shoot for the entire family, photography is a timeless invaluable gift you can give. Let’s face it, sometimes moms don’t always want to be in the photos but once they make it happen, they are SO grateful they did! Click here to inquire about a family session.

    So to all the mothers out there! Happy Mother’s Day!

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