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4 Reasons You Should Plan A Bridal Boudoir Session

Have you ever thought about boudoir photos but instantly felt intimated by the whole process?

The JJP Bridal Experience is designed to be an extension of the JJP Wedding Experience. My vision is to create a relaxed environment where women can feel comfortable, safe and empowered in a non intimidating way. The imagery we create together is refined, soft, feminine and subtly sexy. The whole experience is from start to finish is elevated, and made to make you feel beautiful and excited about being a bride and a woman!

The JJP Bridal Boudoir Package includes professional makeup application that takes place at the stunning Sparrow Lane venue. The venue is the perfect location for this elevated bridal experience, complete with lots of natural light, tall arched windows and multiple options to for different looks. After hair and makeup is complete, we move into our one hour session together.

If I haven’t convinced you that this is a “must do” for your wedding experience here are FOUR reasons why you should book a bridal boudoir session and how you can proceed to start the experience.

Four reasons you should book a bridal boudoir session:

Booking a bridal boudoir session is a reason to do something nice for yourself.
With everything that comes along with planning a wedding, its safe to say you’ll reach a point where you simply need a break from it all. All you need to do is go shopping for some lovely lingerie, which you’ll likely want to do before your wedding anyway. Then on the day of your session, all you have to do is relax, sip mimosas, get your hair and makeup done, and enjoy being cared for.

It’s a gift to yourself and your partner!
The experience is for you, and the photos are for them. The best part is that your spouse won’t expect to get a gift like this. Most couples can expect a piece of jewelry or a watch on their wedding day so when they open a beautifully curated album of sexy images of the one they love most; you can expect a fun reaction.

Photos are a forever gift.
You get to capture yourself at a time when you feel most beautiful and in love. Have you ever witnessed someone in their 80s smile at the thought of how great they looked when they were 20, 30 or 40? Can you imagine being able to do the same thing with your own photos. This is such an intimate and special time in your life and relationship, and some day you will wish you had more to remember the sweet season of your youth.

You will feel more comfortable in front of the camera.
It may feel a little uncomfortable at first (as in the first few minutes) but by the time we are through our session and your wedding day rolls around, posing in your wedding dress will feel like a piece of cake, compared to the last time you were in front of your photographers camera. Also, I think you’ll be surprised at how quickly it takes you to warm up in front of the camera. I find most women are more nervous about the idea of the session, but once they jump in, it’s really not that nerve wrecking.

How to book a Bridal Boudoir session with JJP

We actually have a few different ways you can do a bridal boudoir session with JJP. If you’re looking to give the gift of boudoir photos to your spouse, you’ll want to go with one of these two options:

Option #1: The JJP Bridal Boudoir Experience
This basically includes everything except for your outfits. We start our time together with hair & makeup at the beautiful Sparrow Lane, while you sip on some bubbles. Then we move into our session together, where I can promise you you’ll feel relaxed and comfortable the entire time. You’ll receive an online, password protected gallery with your high res images. You’ll also have the option to design a custom album with Jenny, if gifting images is something you’d like to do.

Option #1: In Home or Out Of Studio Session
There is also the option to book a regular session if you don’t want the full experience of hair, makeup and luxury studio rental. This would be a shorter experience, with the option to customize where we shoot. This could be in your own home (if lighting allows), or at another venue or studio of your choice. However, hair, makeup and location fees would not be included in this photography package. You’ll receive your images in an online password protected gallery, and still have the option to purchase a customized album design by Jenny herself.

The third and final option for bridal boudoir, is for the bride who may not be interested in giving the gift of boudoir ON her wedding but wants to capture some fun and sexy images the morning of her wedding.

Option #3: Day Of Wedding Bridal Boudoir
Instead of doing an entire photoshoot dedicated your boudoir images, we work about 20 minutes of private time into your wedding day timeline, before you get into your wedding dress and leave the bridal suite, to capture a mini morning of, boudoir session. These photos could certainly still be a fun surprise for your partner, they just wouldn’t receive them until you get your full wedding gallery after the wedding.

And that is it my friends!!! If you are interested in booked a bridal boudoir session, please email me at


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