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The perks of having a fall wedding in Alberta

Let’s talk about the advantages of a fall wedding. You know I love the florals and the fauna of a summer wedding, or the buds and the blossoms of a spring session, but fall in Alberta has its own kind of quiet beauty. As we say goodbye to the vibrancy of summer, we say hello to the softness of autumn. The colour palette shifts. Tones become more earthy, more natural, more gentle. The weather cools, the hours shorten, twilight comes sooner – have I made it sound magical? It really is.

Fall photography is all about lighting, especially that golden hour lighting, when the sun begins to set and the diffusion of light creates the most stunning glow. It’s every photographer’s dream. Here’s some scientific info for any aspiring photographers. In the summer, the earth’s axis is tilted towards the sun, which means we get that direct, concentrated beam of sunlight that we dream of all winter long in Alberta. In the fall, however, the earth’s axis is rotating us away from the sun, so the days begin to shorten and the angle of the sun deepens and lengthens in the sky. That’s why that delicious golden hour comes sooner in the evening and seems to be softer, too. It’s the perfect recipe for the most gorgeous photos. For summer weddings, the couple will often sneak out of their reception for a few minutes to catch those magical rays, but for fall weddings you don’t have to designate time away from your reception because the sun sets so much earlier! You can see in these pictures the softness of that golden hour lighting. It’s delicate, almost ethereal. The gentle glow is totally swoon worthy.

The weather is beginning to cool as well. Now, I’m a summertime kind of girl, but there’s something romantic about the chill, crisp feeling of autumn. Bridal gowns can feature long sleeves but it’s still warm enough for some stunning cutouts. And perhaps a bit more of a practical benefit, but grooms don’t have to sweat through a ceremony in their three piece suit and makeup isn’t melting in the heat of the day. The cooler temperatures are a perk, for sure!

Fall weddings in Alberta offer a captivating blend of natural hues, glowy lighting, comfortable temperatures, and the charm of the shifting season. If you’re looking for a wedding filled with romance, warmth, and the allurement of soft lighting, consider choosing a fall wedding for your special day. These memories will last you forever.

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