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Mountain Inspired Maternity Session in Edmonton’s River Valley

When Taylor and Jacob told me they wanted to channel the spirit of the mountains right here in our own city, I knew we could do it! While I love visiting the mountains, it may not always be practical for sessions with clients from Edmonton, due to the four hour long drive, park permits, passes, and additional logistics that go along with planning a road trip. So my friends, no need to hit the road – let me guide you on a journey through this natural haven right in our backyard, where we can weave the magic of mountain inspiration into the fabric of your maternity session by utilizing the backdrop of Edmonton’s scenic river valley.

Choosing the Right Location:
While Edmonton may not have actual mountains, it boasts picturesque parks, river valleys, and landscapes that can mimic the majesty of mountainous terrain. Edmonton’s beautiful river valley, with its sprawling greenery, meandering trails, and the tranquil North Saskatchewan River, offers a diverse range of settings reminiscent of mountainous landscapes. From lush forested areas to open meadows, the River Valley becomes the perfect substitute for the grandeur of mountainous terrain.

Selecting the Perfect Wardrobe:
To enhance the mountainous theme, expecting parents can choose clothing that complements the natural surroundings. Soft tones and flowing dresses can add a touch of mountain charm to the maternity shoot.

Golden Hour Magic:
Edmonton’s unique geographical location allows for breathtaking golden hour shots that can capture the warmth and glow of an alpine sunset. Shooting during this magical time of day can infuse the photos with a soft, ethereal quality, making the maternity session even more enchanting.

Utilizing Film Photography’s Unique Aesthetic: Film photography allows for a rich and organic quality that digital images may not replicate. The grain, subtle color shifts, and imperfect yet beautiful imperfections contribute to the overall charm of the session, creating images that are not only a documentation of the moment but also works of art.

Through the unique qualities of film photography and the breathtaking scenery provided by the Edmonton River Valley, this maternity session becomes a timeless and artistic journey, capturing the peaks of this incredible season of life.

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