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How To Plan A Luxury Branding Session for Creative Entrepreneurs In Four Simple Steps

Why Branding Photography is Important:

I like to think of branding as matching the outside to the inside. Think of it this way… You have this incredible experience and service that you offer your clients, when they work with you it’s seamless and FUN, but when they land on your page whether it be your website or social media platforms, the visual story doesn’t quite match what happens behind the scenes. A branding session not only elevates your brand and is a visual representation of your brand, it ultimately tells a story of who you are, what you do and the impact/impression you leave on your clients. Photos are often the first thing someone sees when they land on your page, and it’s so important that you keep these updated with where you’re at in your business. We also want these images to speak to your ideal client or customer, because when we’re aligned with the right people, our work becomes more fun AND fulfilling… Am I right or am I right? 😉

Planning a Branding Session In Four Simple Steps:

Things to prep for your session to make it a success:

Find the right location
What feeling do you want? Bright, airy, whimsical? Select a studio or shooting that reflects this overall feeling and is aligned with your personal brand and style. Location is everything and can completely change the overall mood and feeling of your photos.

Pack multiple outfits!
I recommend styling and planning your outfits before you come to your session. This allows us to make the most of our time together so we can get down to business and give you more variety within your session. Clothing tip: Choose fabrics, colors and patterns that are reflective of your brand. If your brand colors are blush pink and white, make sure the outfits compliment those brand colors so they blend seamlessly with your work and content that you share. Also, lighter colored clothing will result in more of a fine art look!

Bring props
Props are a great way to add variety into your content. Remember, not all of your branding images have to be of you. For some people, the props they need may be less obvious than others (example, an artist bringing a paint brush). If this is you, think about some of the things you have on your calendar that you’ll be wanting to share or talk about in the upcoming months, is it a promotion, giveaway, new product launch or offer? What things can you bring into your session that will help tell this story? Also consider some of your interests or things you might share about for fun that we can photograph in a way that is on brand for you. Also… *FLOWERS – I always recommend investing in flowers. Flowers make everything more beautiful and will be essential for creating fine art flat lays. 

Make a packing list
Lists are always my best friend so start making a packing list! As you think of content you want to share, you’ll be inspired about what other “props” and items to bring! 🙂 I often suggest my clients bring 2-4 outfits. If 4 seems too overwhelming, 2 is great! The more outfit changes, the more “content.” My general rule of thumb is this: You can never over plan for a session!! There’s nothing worse than having an after thought or realizing you forgot something that really could have contributed to your session.

I already have a session booked, now what?

I’m so glad you asked…

This is the exact list I send to my branding clients after booking their session with me. Did I mentioned I love lists? Haha!

1.) Please send me your branding colors + branding words

2.) Start putting together a mood board on Pinterest of things that you feel portray your brand aesthetic. Anything that inspire your overall aesthetic/look/feeling of your brand… : everything from home decor, textures, pottery, flowers, words, quotes. If that’s too abstract, you can simply use this pinterest board for inspiration- pin brandingphotos that you like to this board and I can take a look through it to ensure I’m seeing your overall vision/vibe. 

3.) Start brainstorming some content pieces that will help us with your branding photos. What are things you want your audience to know? These will be key in helping us direct/pose you throughout the session. I already have a bajillion ideas but I’d love to hear from you first, as it will guide us in the right direction of what is most important to YOU! These content pieces can be things like: About me (fun things about yourself that you want to share!), Educational topics for current/future clients, client experience pieces you can share with your audience, and of course- beautiful flat lays and product shots!! <3

4.) Send me a few of your favorite songs/artists/bands! I love playing music during branding sessions and would love to play music that you enjoy + will help you have fun and relax! 🙂

I hope this was helpful! If you have any questions regarding branding photography, feel free to send me an email at OR you can find me on Instagram at @jennyjeanphotography

Happy Photoshoot Planning!!


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