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A walk in the park // Flower Garden Themed Family Session

I am so excited to share this family session with you! Samantha, Mat and Mila were so much fun to work with!!! I met Sam a couple years ago through the non-profit organization I used to work at as a Social Worker. Sam was hired there while I was on maternity leave.

My son Hudson, and her daughter Mila were born just two weeks apart! It was so fun sharing pregnancy milestones with Sam. Once we got to the end of our pregnancy (and really ready to meet our little babes!) we made “labor inducing cookies” together, with the help of our other work friend Marisa!

It was so much fun. And you know what? Sam actually went into labor! Haha. I did not. However, this is Sam’s first baby… and with my first baby (Parker) I went into labor a day after taking the cookies. Maybe labor inducing cookies only work for first time moms. Haha. I’m totally joking!!! But what a tasty way to try and induce labor. Anyways!

Sam also bought a house super close to where we bought a house- so it was so much fun getting together with our babies. We would also watch the Bachelor together in Sam’s amazing theatre room on her projector screen. Thennnnnn COVID ruined everything. I miss this sweet family and their photoshoot was the perfect reason to reunite.

I sent Sam my portrait session styling guide and she followed it to a T! When this cute family stepped out of their car I think I squealed. Making my photographer dreams come true one flower crown at a time.

Baby Mila did SO well during our photoshoot! She was so happy to just hang out and play in the grass. Sam and Mat are genius parents and grabbed some flowers from Sobey’s before their photoshoot for Mila to play with. You know how kids always want to play with car keys, rip out your earrings, or play with your hair? Bringing flowers was the perfect distraction and photographed so beautifully! I hope this is a trend that picks up with ALL my family sessions because I loved the idea so much!

Sam, Mat & Mila- thank you for asking me to document some memories of your sweet family. I hope you love your images!

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