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Leesha & Dom // Leedale Countryside Wedding

The Couple

Leesha and Dom have been together for four years. They met at her sisters wedding back in 2016. Dom was a groomsman and Leesha was the maid of honour. They danced together and hung out but they really started texting after the wedding and hit it off. They went hiking for their first “date” (Leesha didn’t know it was a date at first!) They hiked near Nordegg to All Stones Lake. They talked the whole time and shared many laughs together. It seemed as though they had known each other for a long time. Shortly after a few more hang outs, they started dating and made it official! Dom’s proposal was so sweet and thoughful. Leesha said it really couldn’t have been any better! They were out camping for the weekend and Leesha didn’t think anything of it because they go camping together all the time. They were out quadding and hunting for grouse. They stopped at some of their favorite picturesque places and enjoyed the beautiful fall colors. They stopped for a picnic at one of their favorite places where you can see the river winding through the trees. After lunch, Dom pulled out a piece of paper and told Leesha he wrote her a letter. Little did she know it was a FIVE page letter. Dom began reading it and Leesha’s heart was racing. She let him read the whole five pages and at the end he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. Leesha of course said YES and was so happy the day had finally come! She couldn’t believe it and couldn’t take her eyes off the sparkly new ring. After they got back from camping they drove up to get service and share the exciting news with family. Dom then brought out champagne and glasses to celebrate.

These two make such a good couple and they both share so much love for one another.
When I asked Leesha to describe Dom for me she said he is:
1.) Kind-hearted: He goes above and beyond to make others feel important. He’s always finding ways to put a smile on her face.
2.) Hard-working: He works 12 hour days or longer at work and sitll does things around the house and takes care of all the garage/mechanical things.
3.) Supportive: He listens to her rants about everything and continues to support Leesha and help her through tough times.
4.) Respectful: He always respects Leesha and stands up for her. She can count on him at all times to have her back.
5.) Loveable: Leesha says Dom is just all kinds of loveable! His eyes, his hugs, his forehead kisses. Leesha says it never gets old.

Dom describes Leesha as:

1.) Determined: Leesha is a woman on a mission most days and works her butt off. She always has a list going and won’t stop until it’s completed.
2.) Selfless: Leesha is always always thinking of others. She always thinks about Dom and is always surprising him with little gifts or bringing him coffee at work.
3.) Loving: Leesha is very affectionate and never holds back on showing you how much she loves you.
4.) Caring: She is always on top of making sure Dom is looked after- like when he goes sledding for the weekend she gets snacks ready to go. Anything Dom needs she’s already thought ahead and has everything ready to go.
5.) Understanding: Dom really loves this quality about Leesha. Leesha is so understanding. They are able to share everything to each other without fear. They always know they will be able to figure things out together no matter the obstacle.

The Wedding Day

Leesha booked me in October 2019 for their September 2020 wedding. I was so excited because Leesha and I had actually met years prior (8 years?!), sharing some classes together at the University of Lethbridge. I’ve found this job as a photographer has a great way of reacquainting me with long lost friends. It has been so nice to get back in touch with this beautiful soul. We did their engagement photos quite literally in a snow storm in February 2020, right before the world shut down. These two were absolute TROOPERS. They drove the QE2 to Leduc in a blizzard for their session and were the best sports. They didn’t complain about the snow, or being cold. We had the best time and got some winter wonderland portraits together. I was also able to meet their sweet pup, Willow! Just a few weeks later the pandemic took over 2020 and left a lot of uncertainty. Leesha and Dom were grateful to be having a fall wedding, hoping we would have some clarity by September regarding wedding plans. I am so grateful they were able to keep their original date because their day was perfect! Leesha says she loved SO much about their wedding day it’s hard to pick just one favorite part. She loved seeing Dom as she came down the aisle. She felt like a goggly eyed school girl. Leesha also loved gazing into Dom’s eyes when they did their portraits together and loved sneaking away for sunset photos. Dom also took Leesha away for a little walk to escape the business of the wedding day- she said it was so nice to have that time together to just be alone and talk. Dom knew even before the wedding what his favorite part would be! It was seeing his beautiful bride wearing her amazing dress (that he hadn’t seen yet!) walking down the aisle with her dad. He knew she would take his breath away- and she DID! He’s surprised he was able to keep the tears back- he saw his whole world walking down the aisle as they were about to say “I do” to their forever. Dom truly feels like they were meant to be- they find it so easy to make decisions on life together because they see things very similar, and even when they don’t they understand one another enough to figure out it. They live such a great day to day life together and get along so well. The thing they argue about most is who loves each other more.

Leesha and Dom: Your countryside September wedding was absolutely amazing and so much fun. I love looking at this blog post because it tells the story of your day. I loved documenting it ALL – beginning with the details and getting ready which included the sweetest first look with Leesha and her dad, to your beautiful fall ceremony with crisp autumn air surrounded by those they love most, to guests playing lawn games and sharing laughs together- to the most hilarious wedding party, some crazy motorhome rides, dreamy bride and groom portraits, a soft glowy sunset, delicious food and sweets, heartfelt speeches, topped off with a beautiful slideshow and first dances. Thank you for inviting this city girl to your country wedding. I have absolutely loved working with you both. I hope you love your photos!

All my love!
xo Jenny

Vendor Love:

Venue: Leedale Hall
Make Up Artist: Hayley Weir – HWArtistry
Hair Stylist: Leanne Buist & Amber Atkinson
Florist: Costco & Sandalwood Flowers
Cake Designer: Nicole Martens
Decor/Event Rentals: Oliver Events
Wedding Gown: Elite Bridal
Menswear: Lammle’s

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