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Sarah & Duncan Westlock Backyard Tented Wedding

The Couple

Sarah and Duncan are flippin’ fantastic people and I am SO excited to share their day with you. These cuties booked me for their wedding back in the fall of 2018. They were actually a referral from a couple who got married earlier that year. To everyone who refers me, shares your images, shares my website with others – THANK YOU. When I work with amazing couples who refer me to OTHER amazing couples, I am just so grateful. Sarah and Duncan are my kinda people and I have LOVED getting to know them over the past two years! So a little bit about them – they met online and Duncan actually proposed to Sarah in London, England! Sarah had a hunch he *might* propose on their Europe trip, but he waited 2.5 weeks into the trip to do it, so she was starting to wonder if it would happen. When he did get down on one knee she stood there with her jaw open for a good 10 seconds before responding! Duncan is an incredibly thoughtful human being, he said he chose England to propose because he knew it was a special place to Sarah, as that’s where her mom and family are from. So sweet, right?!

The Wedding Day

Oh my goodness. Okay. So let me just start off by saying their day was perfect. COVID made the road to getting here a bumpy journey filled with ups and downs. They were supposed to get married June 27 but due to the uncertainties with COVID they post-poned to September 26. However, the government kept updating restriction policies and the pandemic guidelines were changing daily. Sarah had always dreamt of a summer wedding so in May they decided to change their date to August 15, 2020. My heart goes out to every couple who had to navigate planning a wedding during a pandemic. It was emotionally taxing filled with so much uncertainty. Sarah and Duncan: you handled this situation with grace and resilience. I know the anxiety was high but you DID it, and you did it TOGETHER. Sarah said Duncan told her from the beginning that “things will work out.” Sarah says Duncan is always optimistic, patient, kind, laid back and creative. He goes out of his way to make other people happy and he totally took care of Sarah’s heart throughout these trying times.

Duncan is also very creative and incredibly talented at woodworking. He actually made the majority of the wedding decor- I love the personal touch this brought to their day. The wedding was at Duncan’s sisters property and oh-my-gee it was GORGEOUS. It had the most beautiful rustic barn, with lush gardens and hedges that are taller than me. It was the PERFECT spot to say “I do!” Sarah mentioned the days prior to the wedding were slightly stressful trying to set everything up- there had been strong winds that broke some decor and blew everything down. It was a group effort from family and friends to pull everything together and it paid off.

Sarah said her favorite part of the day was the vow exchange at the ceremony – she oddly wasn’t nervous… they only emotion she felt was happiness. She also loved when her and Duncan gave their speech at their reception- it was so nice to address appreciation and love to their friends and family. Duncan said he had three favorite parts of the day that are 1a 1b 1c. (A) – he loved the first look because of an indescribable feeling experienced in slow motion as he turned to see Sarah in her wedding dress for the first time. (B) – there was a moment after their first kiss where they looked at each other just before they started to walk out o the reception area. Their music person was able to time the music perfectly with their triumphant walk out. (C) – sitting at the head table, scanning the reception area was amazing. It was the first time Duncan felt he could truly relax. Sarah looked around at dinner and said to Duncan with a big smile, “everything worked out!” You guys – you DID IT! You got married in 2020 and had such a beautiful, heartwarming, and special day. Thank you SO much for having me. I hope you love your images!!!
xoxo Jenny

Vendor Love:

Venue: Backyard Wedding – beautiful acreage outside of Westlock
Make Up Artist: Beauty on the DL
Wedding Gown: Bridal Debut
Bridesmaid Dresses: For Her and For Him
Menswear: Tip Top Tailors
Wedding Cake: Regan Flavel
Caterer: Isabel’s Catering Westlock

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